Vitakraft Sunseed Debuts Quiko® Line Additions
and Updated Packaging


(BOWLING GREEN, OH) - Brent Weinmann, President and CEO of Vitakraft Sun Seed Inc, is proud to present several line additions to its Quiko® family of products.

"Quiko Probiotic Digestive Support Supplement is a high quality blend of bacteria that helps to support normal intestinal flora levels in your bird's digestive system. This in turn, supports digestive health and the immune system," states Brent Weinmann.

This line addition is a concentrated powdered supplement, is water soluble and supports a bird's digestive health.

Proving that healthy can be fun, Quiko Swingin' Crunchy Donut with Egg is a crunchy, delicious treat featuring birds favorites including grains, seeds and eggs. Offering hours of entertainment, this treat is a great complement to this lineup of products!

Showing off in updated packaging are Quiko® Daily Supplements including Special Egg Food for Canaries and Exotic Egg Food for Finches, made with real whole eggs and containing the vitamins and calcium birds need. Fresh packaging also envelops Quiko MultiVitamin Daily Balance Supplement, a concentrated, powdered vitamin supplement that is water soluble and supports feather, bone & muscle development.

Vitakraft Sunseed products are "By Pet Lovers, For Pet Lovers."

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About Vitakraft Sunseed:

Celebrating over 175 years of expertise in pet care and nutrition, Vitakraft of Germany joined with Sunseed of Ohio, celebrating over 30 years in the pet industry, to create Vitakraft Sun Seed Inc. in 2008.  They now offer a wide range of more than 500 products, including bird and small animal food, treats, supplements and accessories and dog, cat and horse treats.  By offering a wide selection, the company works to help ensure every type of pet gets the proper care and nutrition.