Vitakraft Sunseed Unveils Revitalized Vita Line


(BOWLING GREEN, OH) - Brent Weinmann, President and CEO of Vitakraft Sun Seed Inc., is proud to announce the official re-launch of Sunseed® Vita Sunscription® Formulations for pet birds and small animals.

"Sunseed Vita Sunscription, a favorite of pet owners and retailers for more than 25 years, now features updated packaging, giving it a clean, fresh, visual identity," states Brent Weinmann. "We have also reformulated Vita Pet Rabbit and Guinea Pig diets to a natural, Timothy-based pellet, offering an alfalfa free, no-sugar added alternative that meets many consumers' demands."

In addition to the updated packaging, these fortified diets contain probiotics, vitamins, chelated minerals and Omega Fatty Acids sourced from Flax Seed to support the health of both birds and small animals.

Vitakraft Sunseed products are "By Pet Lovers, For Pet Lovers."

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About Vitakraft Sunseed:

Celebrating over 175 years of expertise in pet care and nutrition, Vitakraft of Germany joined with Sunseed of Ohio, celebrating over 30 years in the pet industry, to create Vitakraft Sun Seed Inc. in 2008.  They now offer a wide range of more than 500 products, including bird and small animal food, treats, supplements and accessories and dog, cat and horse treats.  By offering a wide selection, the company works to help ensure every type of pet gets the proper care and nutrition.